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oriental cockroach, german cockroaches,how do you get cockroaches and what to do about them are the usual questions; the uk pigeon or rock dove needs to have bird management to control the amount of bird droppings


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Buxton based Peak Pest Control is a family run business which provides a fast and effective pest control service for domestic and commercial customers against rats, mice, rabbits, squirrels, moles, wasps, fleas, cockroaches, bed bugs, moths and beetles in and across the High Peak, Derbyshire, Cheshire & Staffordshire including Buxton, Leek, Dove holes, Chapel-en-le-frith, New Mills, Whaley Bridge, Glossop, Bakewell, Disley, Ashbourne, Macclesfield and surrounding areas.


Our Story...

In 2010, Nick Woodroffe made the transition from Fire Fighter to Pest Controller... five years later he talked his wife Sharon in to following the same path!

"I'll be honest and say that at school I never wanted to be a pest controller, that position was filled by a desire to be a Peak District Warden... which, incidentally, never happened!

My head was turned at the age of 19 by Derbyshire Fire and Rescue and, 23 years later, I'm at Buxton Fire Station as a crew manager"

Nick decided he needed a trade to master after his fire service career, and quickly discovered that pest control was something he could excel at...

"Having watched a Notts base company clear pigeons from the Fire Station's drill tower, I thought... I could do that!"  Read more


Wasps Nest:

A wasp nest,a wasps nest can hold 10,000 wasps.wasp removal should be done by a pest controller.

We treat all wasp nests whether they are high or low, unlike many local councils we use ladders to gain access to nests high up as we have extensive experience in ladder work. We treat any nest in any location and if required will remove the nest.

Rat treatment:

The common rat or brown the rat man or rat catcher if you see rat droppings.        

we provide a baiting or trapping programme individually designed for each case, whether the rats are in your attic, garden, farm or commercial property.

Mouse treatment:

The common house mouse (mustus domesticas).how can i get rid of mice?

The classic "Mouse in the house" call is not uncommon, however due to their inquisitive nature mice can be easily controlled with the correct Pest management plan.

Bed Bugs:

These unwelcome guests are a major headache all over the world and are becoming more widespread in the UK. A very  thorough inspection of the room is required, followed by a full room treatment if Bed bugs are found.

Bird Control:

UK Pigeon or rock Dove.How to stop pigeons? you can shoot the pigeon or establish a bird management system jackdaw. nest in chimneys and nest in attics/lofts.

The UK Pigeon or "Rock Dove" are widespread all over our towns and cities, attracted by our modern lifestyle of fast food and overflowing bins. Pigeon droppings are unsightly and can cause health issues so bird management is important in today's society. We also remove nests or proof buildings to prevent nest building but are careful to follow guidance issued by Natural England on which bird species this can apply to.

Mole Removal:

Mole, how to trap a mole or how to rid moles or how can you remove a mole?? either by traps or gassing.

How can you remove a mole? We offer 2 options, mole trapping using half barrel traps or gassing using Talunex. We are experienced mole catchers in both domestic gardens or rural farmland.

Grey Squirrels:

grey squirrel, a grey squirrel nest can be in your house and attic.

We often get called to grey Squirrels in attics or grey squirrels loose in houses, we offer to catch and remove the squirrels and if possible proof the building to prevent further access. Squirrels can cause extensive damage in buildings especially by their habit of gnawing wires.

Rabbit Culling:

a rabbit, how to control rabbits? what do rabbits do? rabbit fence,rabbit trap.

We offer a warren gassing service for problem rabbits on farms and private properties. We are fully qualified and insured to use Talunex (Aluminium Phosphide).

I hold a valid sentinel card card with the PTS and DCCR qualifications allowing me to work in the rail industry.

Crawling Insects:

 carpet beetle, What are carpet beetles?

We offer treatment for fleas,carpet beetles,cockroaches and other crawling insects. We will correctly identify the insect and treat with the appropriate insecticide or give sound advice for a chemical free solution.

Flying insects:

yellow swarming flies. flies in my house Cluster fly, what are cluster flies.

We have treated various problem flying insects over the years, from Cluster flies to Yellow swarming flies. We will provide advice on preventing re-infestation and will treat accordingly to the type of flying insect.

Pest Control Contract Work:

We provide contract work for a vast array of premises including restaurants,public houses and domestic homes. We provide an initial site survey with subsequent visits every 6-8 weeks. An inspection log will be left on your premises with details of each visit and with it any findings.

We have been trained and certified by the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) and are fully insured with Public and products Liability.

A free survey and consultation is provided for all commercial and residential customers.


We provide a fully insured fast and effective pest control response 24/7


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